National Technical Services

Our Team

We employ a great team of skilled, experienced and motivated managers that all work together to deliver their best for our customers, workers and suppliers.

Our managers are ably supported by an outstanding team of support staff, so whether they need a professional presentation of a client proposal, a full set of “As Built” documentation or simply an update of our contact database, our support team are able to deliver the best!

Our teams of technicians and electricians are also highly skilled and motivated and benefit from our continual investment in their professional development. We aim to see every member of our amazing team increase their skill set every year that they are working with us.

In addition to increasing the skill sets of our existing team we are committed to an ongoing programme of apprenticeships and traineeships so that from clerical to trade we always have someone being taught and coached and benefiting from the many years of experience at our disposal.

Our heavy investment in training guarantees that we are always on the cutting edge of technology and in the privileged position of being able to offer the best solutions for our customers.