National Technical Services

Our Mission

National Technical Services is a team of committed, creative and innovative people who are always honourable, respectful, and honest. We will work within our 12 Points of Culture to deliver the best possible solutions for the best possible price in the shortest possible time so that anyone who has any dealings with NTS is able to achieve above and beyond their own expectations with less of their own resources than would otherwise be possible.

We provide a full range of electrical services to government and corporate agencies, including Data Networking, Voice Systems and Security Systems and all of our work is delivered to the highest possible standards of excellence so that our installations are guaranteed to work reliably and efficiently for their whole life.

We are unique in our industry because we leave places we’ve been better than we find them, we treat our customer’s needs as our own and if we promise to do something we WILL do it, when we SAY we will do it. We hold ourselves accountable to those we make any promise to.

We take a pro-active approach to understanding technology and continuously invest in the training and development of every team member so that their skills are constantly improving. In this way we can operate as efficiently as possible and offer the best, most cost effective and future proof solutions to our customers.

National Technical Services’ customers are always treated as one of the family and benefit from the experience of dealing with us so much that they not only keep coming back but they readily refer other agencies to us. We are not just a “Services” company, we are also a “Serving” company and we strive to serve our customers in every way we can by doing more than is expected of us and by going the “Extra Mile”.