National Technical Services

3 steps to finding a perfect project partner

1Choose a reliable company to be your partner

10 Reasons to use NTS...

  1. 1Market Leader - We have the knowledge, the experience and the innovative thinking to set the benchmark that others strive to achieve
  2. 2Customer Focussed - Our focus is your success, your needs and your satisfaction – we’re here to make your job easier
  3. 3Reliable & Dependable - We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it
  4. 4Determined - We will do whatever it takes to complete your project on time and in budget
  5. 5Solution Focussed - We are constantly seeking better, faster, more efficient solutions (to your infrastructure needs)
  6. 6Quality - Our projects are built to last
  7. 7Cleanliness - We leave your place better than when we came
  8. 8Attention to detail - We see things that most others don’t
  9. 9Documentation - Our pioneering documentation is yours to keep and use, ex gratis!
  10. 10User friendly - Balancing detail with simplicity to produce solutions that last

2Make sure your partner will deliver

The NTS 5 Point Platinum Guarantee

  1. 1100% Satisfaction Guarantee - You retain 5% of the contract value until you are 100% satisfied
  2. 2Lifetime warranty on all workmanship - We will attend any reported failure … next business day
  3. 325 Years Full Warranty for Structured Cabling – Any faulty component will be replaced at no cost to you.
  4. 4Fixed Price Guarantee no hidden extras and no unpleasant surprises.
  5. 5Delivery Guarantee – We promise to be … On time, In time, All the time – even if we have to get someone else in at our expense!

3Make sure your partner will do even better next time

NTS’s “3D” Process of Continual Improvement


Cleverly design projects to incorporate the needs of all stakeholders, maximising the benefits of new technology and techniques, planning ahead to reduce waste and inefficiency and delivering maximum return on your investment


Efficiently deploy the design making constant improvements during the installation phase, regularly monitoring your satisfaction with the results.


Using lessons learnt from each project, develop more efficient techniques and smarter solutions to be used in the design of new projects so that we can help you to do more with less!

  • “Please thank your team for the excellent job they did putting in the Wireless Network on the weekend. They were on time, efficient, polite and did a great job of cleaning up. They were great ambassadors for NTS and obviously enjoy their work. I look forward to working with NTS in future.” - John Bolton, PMO
  • “Thanks to the efforts, determination and thoroughness of National Technical Services, we have been able to identify and cancel a large number of redundant services across NSW, saving the department in the order of $700,000 per annum in recurring line rental fees.” - Shane O’Brien, Project Manager, IC&T
  • “We choose to use National Technical Services as they have engineers with extensive experience in all areas of cabling and networking. Their technical expertise has been of such great assistance in allowing us to meet our business needs. NTS provides outstanding services to us ensuring that they always complete the job in a timely manner with quality assurance guaranteed.” - Martine Payne – Project Manager, LAN Remediation